Last year was nothing short of insane (in the best sense of the misused word). 125,000 miles of flying, 14 countries, six solid months of taping, an overly ambitious number of appearances, dinners, judgings, etc—and that was the easy part. Burning the candle at the other end is what required the serious focus and determination. But after seven weeks of sleeping in my own bed, eating well, and riding my road bike every day, I am rested, recharged and ready to rock. 2013 promises to be as crazy and exciting as last year. World’s Weirdest Restaurants, Season 1 has just launched in India and Asia. And Season 2, featuring restaurants in Japan, Thailand, North America and Europe (including for the first time the Ukraine and Poland), launches on Food Network Canada in early spring (exact date TBA).

My New Years resolution was to challenge myself creatively, outside of the kitchen. I am currently incubating several art collaborations that will come to fruition over the course of the year. I’ll post information on these adventures as they become relevant. I’ve also vowed to do a better job of updating my site—in particular my calendar—so that if I’m in your corner of the world, you’ll know where to bring the cream-filled pies. Many appearances in North America and Asia are being finalized and will be added to the current schedule as they are confirmed.

As always, I love to hear from you. Though I do tweet and post occasionally on Facebook, the easiest way to reach me is via the “contact” link on this site.

As they say in Cajun country, laissez les bon temps rouler.