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Flavorbomb: A Rogue Guide to Making Everything Taste Better is a cookbook with a singular goal: to help you become a better cook. In Flavorbomb, Bob shares all the tips, tricks, hacks, and techniques he learned from hosting Food Network shows, breaking Guinness World Records, working with some of world’s best chefs, and crashing food stalls around the globe. Bob shows you how to build bold layers of flavor and texture in practical, applicable ways. Each individual step is easy to wrap your head around, and when you start pulling them all together at the same time, they will change the way you cook forever.

The second half of Flavorbomb consists of 75 easy-to-follow recipes that use everything you’ve learned from the first half to deliver wildly addictive dishes that will make you a rock star in your own kitchen

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“Bob Blumer was the first TV chef that I really identified with—I wouldn’t be doing what I do now if he hadn’t ridden around in an Airstream making food exciting—and I can’t believe I can call him a friend. Nothing Bob creates is mundane or lackluster; he is a human love bomb and with Flavorbomb you can see into his world and make his creative, beautiful food! This book is the guide we all need now more than ever! You’re truly lucky he’s so giving.”

Matty Matheson—chef and internet megastar

“Before reading Flavorbomb, all I could make was an omelette.”


“Whether you’re just beginning your journey in the kitchen, or are already an experienced cook, Flavorbomb will help you up your game. It is chock-full of useful information, insider tips, and all the tools you need to take your food to the next level. And, like Bob, it never takes itself too seriously.”

Jason Priestley—actor, director and cooking enthusiast

“Flavorbomb is full of boundless creativity, fresh ideas and intuitive advice for making the most of every minute you spend in your kitchen.”

Mary Sue Milliken —chef and recipient of the Julia Child Award

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