Gastronaut, artist and eight time Guinness World Record holder Bob Blumer is the creator and host of
the television series Surreal Gourmet, and  Glutton for Punishment, and a producer and host of World’s
Weirdest Restaurants. His shows air on various networks in over twenty countries world-wide.

"Blumer once again pushes boundaries, but in a way that encourages readers to let go of their own culinary hesitations to create simple meals built on layers of flavour."

Toronto Sun

“Before reading Bob's book Flavorbomb, all I could make was an omelette.”

Diplo, DJ/producer

“Bob Blumer was the first TV chef that I really identified with—I wouldn’t be doing what I do now if he hadn’t ridden around in an Airstream making food exciting—and I can’t believe I can call him a friend. Nothing Bob creates is mundane or lackluster; he is a human love bomb.”

Matty Matheson, chef and internet megastar

“One of the most whimsical and witty chefs on television.”

Canadian Living Magazine

"Bob presents food culture, the whole gory mess of it, with the same blunt, unflinching gaze Sir David Attenborough applies to ravenous wildlife.”

Toronto Globe & Mail